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Absolut Vodka: ”A Drop of Love”
Acceptance, an open togetherness and the power of love: Three values that Absolut Vodka wants to promote, and would like to inspire people around the world to do the same - especially where hatred exists and intolerance is common - with the current limited edition "A Drop of Love" as part of Gewista's creative out-of-home presence. This is the goal of this year's limited edition of the Swedish premium vodka, which aims to spread and celebrate the power of "love" by means of positive activities. 

It is located right on the highly frequented Ring Road, at the State Opera House: the Absolut Vodka waiting shelter with the Total-Branding-Look. A special production by Gewista makes it a downtown eye-turner. The spots will display the message of the campaign "Let Love Take Over" and the Absolut limited edition bottle "A Drop of Love” in a spectacular manner via digital screens, along with classic city lights and foil branding on the glass surfaces of the waiting shelter as well as on the floor. The out-of-home media mix also includes a spread of city lights in Vienna. What’s more, all Viennese residents have the opportunity to find their best friend, a flatmate, a travel buddy, a training partner etc. as part of a promotion campaign at the waiting shelter In order to get closer to their goal, interested parties can answer 12 questions on www.absolutdropoflove.at with the help of two Absolut promoters. Coach Susi Bartmann will then select the ten most promising duos that will become part of a “nice little” Absolut Night along with other friends, with DJs from MÖWE exclusively dictating the rhythm.

Under the name "A Drop of Love", Absolut Vodka's recently presented limited edition is literally making the hearts of collectors and fans beat faster. This does not just have visual appeal, but is materialised with the help of a very special idea: Hate-graffitis around the world have been taken down, processed into colour particles and used for the pink and mint coloration of the bottles. The creation also runs across all the themes and designs of the out-of-home media used.

Lukas Graser, Brand Manager and Team Lead Night Out at Pernod Ricard Austria, about the limited edition: "With 'A Drop of Love’, we are using the power of love to make the world a bit more positive, open and accepting. Our big goal with this limited edition is thus clear: Let Love Take Over.“

Regina Loster, Marketing Director Pernod Ricard Austria adds: "At a brand like Absolut Vodka, creativity meets innovation. This is why we deliberately chose Gewista's extraordinary staging opportunity to present our limited edition.

According to Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, “By integrating digital screens and special brandings, waiting shelter stagings offer, in addition to the classic city lights, increasingly multifaceted design options that are developed and implemented by the Gewista Innovative & Ambient Media unit together with our customers. The waiting shelters in their total look are unique attention grabbers that can be optimally accompanied by promotions and are one of the out-of-home forms of advertising that bring the recipient extremely high levels of product and service recall ratings."
Absolut Vodka
Vlnr.: Regina Loster (Marketingleiterin Pernod Ricard Austria), Torsten Korn (Gewista), Lukas Graser (Brand Manager & Team Lead Night Out bei Pernod Ricard Austria), Natascha Poropatis (Gewista)
Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka

Customer: Pernod Ricard Austria GmbH
Type of advertising/ Out-of-home media mix:
Special advertising format: Waiting shelter branding at the "Vienna State Opera" in its total look with city lights, screens with spots, foils on the wall surfaces and on the floor.
Media mix: City lights in Vienna
Duration: 18.10. - 01.11.2018

Published in 2019