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Fiat Professional opts for an Out of Home special advertising format  from Gewista.
As part of its current campaign for the Fiat Professional Ducato, tried and tested since 2014, Fiat Professional is relying on Gewista's Out of Home special advertising format. 24-sheet posters with an "Innovative & Ambient Media" 3D-format blow-up are being used in a national distribution, which impressively give centre stage to the small truck of the Fiat Professional series.

It’s a powerful entrance on the scene for the Fiat Professional Ducato panel van: The poster shows a Tyrannosaurus Rex holding a standard package with its head projecting beyond the edge of the poster using 3D format blow. The whole thing is subtitled with "POWER-PACKAGE". The dino is being supported by the Fiat Professional Ducato, which is coming out as the “POWER PACKAGE” because it clearly carries more packages. The result is concentrated transport power - dramatically staged on a poster that attracts attention as an eye-catcher in urban space. 

This special form of poster advertising is there to be admired in Vienna, Schwechat, Vösendorf, Guntramsdorf, Wiener Neustadt, St. Pölten, Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck, Feldkirch and Klagenfurt.

"For our Ducato campaign, we were looking for a form of advertising that would allow us on the one hand to stand out visually, but at the same time also convey a little bit of humour. That's when we came up with the idea of starting a poster campaign. To be even more eye-catching, we went for a special form of advertising using format blow-up. This way we can demonstrate how powerful and functional our Ducato really is," says Gernot Siebenbäck, Marketing Manager Fiat Professional.  

Katja Grasinger, Leo Burnett and Michael Donhofer from Starcom on the special form of advertising: "A poster must "work" in a fraction of a second”. The 3D format blow-up manages to dramatically inflate the features and characteristics of the advertised product in the truest sense of the word and to achieve an effect in a flash that goes far beyond the ordinary.

According to Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "Innovative & Ambient Media Advertising Forms of advertising offer an impressive and broad range of implementation with a high advertising presence. These special stagings are extremely eye-catching and will be remembered for a long time. We are delighted to have won Fiat Professional for such a creative campaign."
Vlnr.: Michael Donhofer (Starcom), Katja Grasiner (Leo Burnett), Gernot Siebenbäck (Marketing Manager Fiat Professional, FCA Austria GmbH), Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista), Natascha Poropatis (Gewista) 
Fiat Ducato

Customer: Fiat Professional
Media agency: Starcom Austria, A Division of Publicis Media Austria GmbH
Creativ agency: Leo Burnett Werbeagentur GMBH & CO KG
Advertising format: Sonderwerbeform 3D Formatsprengung am 24 Bogen-Plakat, nationale Streuung 
Duration: 18.03.- 01.04.2019 

Christian Brandt-Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Pressesprecher
Tel: +436641000807

Published in 2019