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In the course of their current campaign, Schogetten is also focussing on Out-of-Home advertising by Gewista.
On a ULF cross-piece branding - these are foil branding boards along the doors - Schogetten advertises its brand while moving across the magnificent buildings of the Ring Road in Vienna, proclaiming their special love for the city.

“Vienna makes you happy – and so does chocolate...schoget it!” – this invitation and the giant wheel of Vienna in Schogetten adorn one of the motifs of the transport media advertising, which are present on the tram line D in the wide-ranging urban space. The corellation to Vienna and coming spring is intended. Vienna is represented by expressive motifs such as the Ferris wheel, waltz, coffee and shopping, and spring with flowers and – needless to say - love.

Petra Renner, Marketing Director Ludwig Schokolade: “Vienna is different, and so is Schogetten. Schogetten distinguishes itself from other chocolate bars through its practical, individual chocolate pieces. And it is exactly what takes the centre stage of our themes as well. We hope to elicit a tiny smile from the passengers of tram line D and the passers-by with the “eloquent” images, since laughter is generally known to make people feel happy. And so is Schogetten."

Peter Unzeitig, UM Panmedia adds:  “With the attractive and far-reaching advertising of the ULF cross-piece branding, we are effectively setting the scene for the melt-in-the-mouth Schogetten chocolates – and are also bringing a smile on the faces of the people. The colourful illustrations of the Schogetten chocolate pieces symbolise all that Vienna stands for as a metropolis – cosmopolitan attitude, coffee house culture, monumental landmarks, but also music, emotions and love.”

“Transport media advertising“, says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, “offers an impressive advertising presence, which reaches a total of thousands of passengers daily and creates a lasting impression. We are pleased that we got the opportunity to stage the Schogetten chocolates with a regionally friendly and likeable campaign, put into effect in the form of colourful subject matter.”
Transport Media ULF Schogetten
Fltr.: Petra Renner (Marketingleitung Ludwig Schokolade), Peter Unzeitig (UM PanMedia), Monika Fasching (UM PanMedia), Reinhard Benesch (Gewista).  
Transport Media ULF Schogetten
Transport Media ULF Schogetten
Transport Media ULF Schogetten

Customer:  Ludwig Schokolade
Agency:  UM PanMedia
Type of advertising: ULF Cross-piece branding
Duration: 01.03.- 01.04.2019

Christian Brandt-Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Pressesprecher
Tel: +436641000807


Published in 2019