Striking thinking as supreme discipline: 2nd Billboard Academy of Gewista and Creativ Club Austria | Gewista
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April 2019
Vienna - With 17,000 poster panels throughout Austria, the Austrian JCDecaux subsidiary Gewista provides an efficient outdoor advertising network that guarantees high viewability. People are confronted with up to 13,000 commercial messages per day, most of which appear invasively in content environments. Due to its unique position in public spaces, the poster occupies a special role in competing for the attention of consumers. The joint initiative of Gewista and Creativ Club Austria wants to sharpen the focus of creative thinkers on wide-reaching possibilities and the advertising impact of the medium. 

“Creative poster advertising is an eye-catcher in a public space and a firm component of efficient media planning. Working together with Creativ Club Austria, the Plakat Academy took a look at the poster’s many various possibilities to effectively draw the attention of a hyper-digitalised society to itself,” stresses Gewista CSO Andrea Groh.

“Due to its reduction of complex messages to their nucleus, the poster is the figurehead for successful campaigns and motivation for creative thinkers. Outstanding creation transforms poster spaces into infotainment formats in public areas that arouse the impulse to buy and strengthen brand imagery both online and off. With the Plakat Academy, we are clarifying the role of the medium as an essential interface between stationary and digital consumption,” says Managing Director of Creativ Club Austria, Reinhard Schwarzinger.

Guide to Analog Disruption
Together with Creativ Club Austria, twenty creative thinkers from among its members, including five Young Creatives, now have the chance for an intensive examination of the medium and to profit from the expertise of out of home specialists at the 25Hours Hotel in Vienna. Effective, internationally tested strategies in dealing with the static medium are at the forefront of the second Plakat Academy. The focus was primarily on the future of the classic poster, which as an analog advertising format, benefits from high consumer attention in environments with almost no advertising. Innovation managers Dieter Weidhofer and Mario Pricken encouraged creative methods that inspire exceptionally creative ideas outside the norm. In doing so, they stressed that disruptive ideas are absolutely not a purely digital topic, but pointed to successful examples of how creative disruptions are effective in analog media. 

The newly gained expertise from the Plakat Academy will be implemented by the participants at their agencies. The subjects submitted will be evaluated by a panel of specialists as the highlight of the second Plakat Academy. The winning subject will be posted in 25 high-frequency Gewista spaces as a high-impact promotion for the agency.
Vortragende Dieter Weidhofer und Mario Pricken, CCA-Geschäftsführung Reinhard Schwarzinger, Susanne Benda, Marketing Gewista und die Workshop – Teilnehmer. Fotos: © Christian Jobst


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